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Make an Interior Design Statement with Feature Walls

Also known as accent walls, feature walls are a great way of bringing focus to an interior space. This design trick is about taking a blank wall and embellishing it with texture, pattern, colour, momentos or your favourite artwork. Are you looking to include a feature wall but do not know where to start? Here are some useful design tips.

1. Decide your style. Whatever colour or pattern you choose should complement the other elements and furnishings in the room.

2. Don't randomly choose a wall to highlight. The feature wall should be used to highlight the room's focal point. Let the room's architecture be your guide.

For example, the wall where a fireplace sits, could be the best option.

The wall behind the headboard in a bedroom is an obvious choice for a strong colour. Artwork in a highlight colour pushes off the wall.

4. Where the television sits makes for a great feature wall.

Source: Kazzano

4. Use feature walls to define living spaces. We are all going for open plan living. This can be challenging if large areas have multiple uses. Feature walls are great for defining dining and entertainment areas.

Source: Archetonic Interiors

5. Choose a bright or bold pattern or colour. This can be striking but be careful it does not overpower the room. Give it a try, because the results have the potential to be spectacular!

6. Experiment with paint. It is an easy and inexpensive way to update your space without making a huge commitment. There are endless patterns you can create with paint and it is the easiest material to change should you decide to try something different.

7. Put up some wallpaper. There are plenty of peel and stick options that make it easy to remove when the time comes for a change.

Murals are popular at the moment.

8. Feature walls are not always the best option for tiny rooms. The space will only look and feel smaller. However, if the design is a large format the impact can be amazing.

Source: Wall and Deco Wet System

9. Create living walls. What a great idea for separating formal and informal outdoor areas.

10. Use different materials. Use your imagination. Feature walls can be created out of wood, tiles, panels, stone and ........... concrete.

Source: Nick Johnson Interiors, New York

11. Textured panels are in!

Source: Pinterest

12. Make artwork the feature. Collages of your favourite momentos on a wall will personalise your space.

13. Let nature be the feature. These floor to ceiling windows and doors create the effect!

14. Placing different materials side by side creates interest. Sometimes it is as easy as retaining existing features such as the brick wall in this renovated warehouse.

15. Include bespoke cabinetry.

16. Use lighting. Light can create pattern and special effects.

Source: Pinterest

17. Paint outside the lines! Break with convention.

Source: Instagram

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