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Interior Design Inspiration: Josef Frank

The Austrian architect, artist and designer Josef Frank has had an enormous impact on the history of Swedish interior design. His work is said to have paved the way for Ikea and Merimekko.

During his rise in the 1920s Frank questioned the ideals of modernism developing at the time. His own design ethos evolved. His values of comfort, wealth of colour and homeliness were at its core. Frank created designs that resembled nature's colours and forms to exude freedom into interior spaces.

His textile and wallpaper prints comprised bold contrasts in colours, prints and materials that grabbed attention and were contrary to the ideal of the time.

Frank is best known for his vivid textiles for the Swedish brand Svenskt Tenn. While at Svenskt Tenn he created 160 prints. His works included the iconic map of Manhattan where he resided when he emigrated to America in the 1940's.

His designs ranged from over-sized flowers to emerald and blue leaves.

His Grona Faglar cleverly conveys the movement of birds in the woodland. The design has such creative power. You can imagine their noisy chatter as they hop between the branches.

The rich decoration of his floral print wallpapers set against monochromatic backgrounds are a favourite! This includes Eldblomma

Source: Din Lampa

and wallpaper Varklockor. Many spring flowers are shown. The leaves and flowers are of the same scale as they would be on a bouquet.

Josef Frank was responsible for producing over 2,000 furniture sketches. He preferred furniture that people could see through. Cupboards have legs so you can distinguish the borderline between the floor and the wall. Take for instance this magnificent cabinet set against his Kloverblad wallpaper.

Source: Svenskt Tenn

Chairs had open backs. The simple lines of these furniture pieces and incredible detail of the Sagotradet Rod wallpaper are a perfect match!

This library table combines the design elements of simple lines and functionality.

Source: Sothebys

When natural timber with rich grains is married with decor of varying materials and Josef Frank wallpaper the result is beautiful interior styling with a rich texture.

Frank also designed home wares including lamps, trays, bowls, mirrors and vases.

This exquisite mirror resembles a butterfly in flight......what great imagination!!!

Source: 1stdibs

This lamp with its unique form looks like a group of Chinese in their coolie hats.

Frank's floral design have a timeless quality that adds a freshness to interiors. We love the result when Frank's patterned wallpaper is accompanied with white and blue lighting fixtures and decor.

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