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Cottage Renovation

Restoring a classical Queenslander ...

Design Solutions making life more beautiful ...

A stunning interior renovation from front door to back and a beautiful  garden makeover breathed new life into this high-set Queenslander. 

Interior Design

Walls were relined using Hardy plank where required to match the original VJs and improve insulation. 


The new window openings provided for the penetration of cooling breezes, enhanced privacy and views to the rear cottage garden.

A soft colour palette of creams and yellows was used to create an open and airy feeling.  


The house was furnished with unique second hand and recycled timber pieces.  Old crockery and nick-nacks were showcased in open shelves.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

The kitchen was demolished and replaced.  The new installation was furnished with Tasmanian oak cabinetry and bespoke plate rack and shelves.

The bathroom furniture was replaced with a generous combined bath/shower and beautiful ceramic pedestal hand basin.  Soft green diamond and cream hexagonal tiles were arranged in geometric pattern in the classic style.

Exterior Renovation Concept

A new cottage garden lined with paving was established.  The front stairs and fence were replaced with traditional treads, ballustrades, battening and decorative moulds. 


The new exterior colour palette of sage green, dark green and cream was used to great effect creating a house of great character and street appeal.  


Renovation and Exterior Design and Styling

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