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Schematic Design


Significant input from our clients coupled with our design skills, will transform ideas into interior schemes. 


Sketches and graphic media are presented to communicate design intent, function and style.

Concept design


Schemes are developed in 3D modelling software to bring the fully functional design solution to life.


This phase also includes spatial planning, concept joinery design and the initial selection of materials and finishes.

Project Brief


The project brief is developed after our intial consultation to confirm your vision, specify the design scope and objectives, identify timeframes and define the project budget.


During this stage we will also identify statutory requirements that may require our inhouse town planning expertise.

Schematic design
Concept Design

Furniture and Fixtures


Using our colour and styling skills we select fixtures, furniture, floor coverings, artwork and accessories in a unified color pallette.


We will thoughtfully integrate existing treasured possessions with new purchases.

Furniture and Fixtures
Project brief

Concept design service provides the framework for your project.   The service allows clients to implement our design concepts plans in their own time, perfect for "Do It Yourself" projects.

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Phase 1 to 6

The tender design package provides clients with detailed plans and specifications and all relevant furnishings and fixtures. This arms the client with all the documentation they require to obtain pricing and coordinate trades.

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This comprehensive suite of services from inception to installation, includes all 9 phases below, from the initial brief to project installation.

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 Our Concept Design Package includes Phases 1 to 4 

Tender Phase


We assist clients during the tender process with the selection of builders and trade contractors. We also provide specialist interior design advice and assessment of the trade proposals to ensure the design intent will be delivered.

Construction Documentation


High quality construction documentation is the key to trouble free installation.


A comprehensive documentation package is prepared for tendering, construction and where applicable, Council approvals and certification.

Construction Documentation
Tender Phase

 Our Tender Design Package includes Phases 1 to 6 

Design Compliance


We will use our extensive design and  management experience to undertake scheduled, on-site reviews during the construction phase, to confirm compliance with the design intent.


Our attendance at scheduled site meetings can alert our clients to issues that may not be obvious during construction.

Installation and Styling


This is where your vision becomes a reality.  Trades have completed their work.  All items have been purchased using our in-house shopping service if required.


Furniture is delivered, window treatments are installed, rugs placed, accessories arranged and artwork hung !

Design Compliance
Installation and styling

Enjoy your new space


All the hard work has been done by flr Interiors.  Now it's time to enjoy your beautiful new interior space...
Enjoy !

 Our Full Interior Design Package includes Phases 1 to 9 

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