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3D Visualisation

flr Interiors' photo-realistic models provide:

  • Amazing opportunities to experience the proposed design solution prior to construction that cannot be provided by 2D plans.

  • The opportunity for client and supplier input maximising design efficiencies and reducing costs.


  • The integration of virtual overlays to existing or planned spaces providing certainty of concept.


  • 2D and 3D photo-realistic images, walk-throughs and fly-by animations.

  • light penetration and shadow assessments.


Our modelling process:


  • Utilises the actual colour and textures related to the proposed interiors.

  • Incorporates furniture and fixtures in the images.

This allows our clients to view a realistic representation of how their projects will look prior to investing their time and money.  

3D Photo-realistic Images offer amazing possibilities for visualising your project.


Photo-realistic images and modelling is at the heart of flr Interiors design development process ... 

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