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New Builds

It is important to involve us as early as possible in the building process.  We can work with your Architect or building designer to ensure your plans address your interior style. 


flr Interiors will assess the functional layout by:

  • Evaluating the space planning design, including kitchens and bathroom/s.

  • Discussing recommended design revisions (if required).

  • Confirming the proposed revisions in dimensioned floor plans and elevations.

Our team will then develop a styling solution by:

  • Selecting furniture, fixtures and materials to meet your requirements confirming the new arrangements in a furniture layout plan.

  • Using software rendering programs to import images of materials and finishes to create photo-realistic Images to confirm the “look” of your new interior prior to making any purchases.

Whether you are embarking on a building project  for a family home or as an investment project,  our team can prepare an interior design package based on your architectural / building design plans. 

flr Interiors  design services will help to simplify a big task ...

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