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Residential Interiors

flr interiors has the training and expertise in interior design and decoration to influence the style, function and aesthetics of a space​.

We create residential interiors for homes and apartments that our clients love to live in .​..

flr Interiors work closely with our clients and trade partners to: ​​​

  • Develop the overall style and feel of the space.                   

  • Develop colour palettes that coordinate furniture and fabrics to create a unified theme.


  • Optimise functional and aesthetic opportunities and address safety and functional requirements.

  • Integrate  green principles where practical and identify for opportunities to recommend Australian trade products.

Our team will then:

  • Create illustrations and visualisations to communicate concepts and ideas.


  • Coordinate the fabrication of custom furniture and furnishings as required.

  • Purchase furniture, fixtures, rugs, drapery, light fittings, artwork and collectables.

  • Monitor trade compliance and installation against the design intent.

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