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Medieval City of Bruges

Main square

Wandering through the centre of Bruges is like taking a journey back in time.

Bruges World Heritage Walk, Bruges City Guide 2017

The town's identity is attributed to the well preserved Gothic architecture that was once typical of Northern Europe and the Baltic in the Middle Ages.

Brick medieval townhouses

Bruges is an excellent example of a medieval historic settlement that has survived through the centuries.

View of main canal

In medieval times Bruges was the commercial hub of Europe.

Bascilica of the Holy Blood circa. 1529-34

The defence towers are the surviving remnants of the original 11th century city walls.

Defence tower

The network of canals was originally used for merchant traffic and played an important role in the the city's development.

Main canal

Main canal

The pattern of narrow medieval cobbled streets leading to important squares is intact.

Medieval road

Main Square

Main square

The 13th century saw the creation of communities formed by single women.

Beguin Clouster entrance

These women were widowed as a result of crusades and wars. They were known as beguines. They lived in communities in close proximity to each other. They shared a common interest in caring for the sick and the poor.

Beguin Cloister founded 1235

It is definitely worth immersing yourself in the culture of the historical town of Bruges!!

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