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Mid-Century Modern Style

Enjoying a revival, mid-century modern style, is characterised by a classic, understated look with simple lines and no fuss. Mid-century modern style took off in America in the mid-1930s largely influenced by the earlier German Bauhaus style. This style endured until the mid-1960s.

Key Attributes

The key distinguishing features of Mid-century modern style are:

* sleek and uncluttered lines including geometric and organic forms;

* minimal ornamentation;

* use of traditional and non-tradition materials;

* functionality is paramount with form following function; and

* juxtaposition if different and sometimes contrasting materials.

Here is how you replicate the style...........

Incorporate Suitable Materials

Bring the outdoors in with floor to ceiling windows and glass doors. Stone, natural timber and brickwork add warmth and that signature mid-century modern style. Elements to living spaces in the form of wood paneled walls or ceilings, a stone mantle over a fireplace or timber floorboards create a sense of connection to the rest of the home including outdoor spaces.

Apply the Colour

What is great about this style is there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour combos. The unexpected suits this style. However, if you are looking to stay true to the mid-century modern style you will need to apply whatever takes your fancy from the following colour palette:

Statement Lighting

Pendant lights can immediately add a sense of mid-century style to your space. Aim for one pendant per room to create maximum impact. Mark each zone in an open-plan space with a different style of pendant or task lighting.

Try a George Nelson bubble lamp to create instant mid-century modern atmosphere.

Marcus Hay Studio

How about this copper Poul Henningsen artichoke pendant?

Maybe you prefer this Louis Poulsen classic PH3 1/2-3 pendant in luminous yellow.

Create the Cohesive Look with Artwork

Avoid excess flourishes and decorative elements. Mid-century style is about clean streamlined design with a few key pieces. This can be achieved by adding posters and wall hung prints typical of the era.

Some art objects created during this period reflected the post-war "atomic" style while others drew on the Modernism principles such as Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944).

It is safe to say the mid-century painters were characterised by a wide range of styles.

As Kadinski once said "To create a work of art is to create the world."

Circles in a Circle

Warhol hit the big time when Pollack was already deceased but both fit in the period in their own unique way.

Marilyn Monroe 1967

Dog Spies Alien

Include the Right Decor

Grab some attention with George Nelson clocks. They float on the wall like celestial objects.

Source: Pinterest

Choose the Right Furniture from the Iconic Designers

Grant Featherston

Grant Featherston was an Australian furniture designer who became a household name in the 1950s. One of Featherston’s best known creations the B230 contour armchair is making a comeback.

Knoll Design

The company was founded in 1938 by Hans Knoll. Its production headquarters reside in Pennsylvania. The company’s most notable achievements include:

The Tulip Chair designed for Knoll by Eero Saarinen in 1956.

Knoll has exclusive manufacturing and sales rights to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe furniture including the Barcelona chair.

Charles and Ray Eames

The Eames duo built on the modernist ideal with their colourful furniture made of bent plywood and plastic that molded to the human body. Their furniture design is considered to be classic amongst mid-century modern fans.

Matt White Extending Dining Table and Eames Chairs

You Tube

Why don't you try mid-century modern style in your home? It's good for small spaces which makes sense when so many of us are now turning to apartment living. The furnishings are easy to find and are available in every price point. Mid-century modern furnishings go with everything and..............the shapes are classic!

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