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Interior Design Inspiration: Olivier Dolle

The talented French artisan Olivier Dolle produces a superior standard of furniture. Balance lies at the source of his creations. He pushes the boundaries of his designs as far as they will go. Each of his creations is an object of beauty that never strays from its original functional intent.

Dolle seems to have drawn inspiration from the Art Deco movement to come up with the Squares Desk. This piece is one-of-a-kind. It has sharp lines and is formed from fine materials. The desk is crafted from smoked oak with a solid Amarello, Brazilian wood lining. The drawer trays are wrapped leather.

Raw marble cubes of varying sizes adorn the desk exterior appearing like pixels. A few of them function as handles.

The top drawer knobs are glossy brass used with great effect.

Inspired by the 12th century temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Dolle has created the Angkor Table Collection. Nature and architecture are one and where tree roots and branches overrun the walls.

This furniture is a multiplex structure veneered in black dyed wood. Its leaning leg and patterned table top imitates an oak branch. The table legs are finished with oak feet. A coffee table, dining table and writing desk are available.

Branch is a trendy , solid aerial bookshelf structured as a branch with simplified ramifications on which books appear as birds. Its hollow multiplex birch wood structure is created using traditional cabinet making techniques.

It is a one of kind bookshelf. The shelf featured directly below is composed of over 80 pieces of birch plywood and veneered oak. Its form may be described as poetic, aesthetic, functional and sculptural. Dolle is able to create the piece in all wood types and in a range of Pantone colours.

Carpenter sofa pictured here with its upholstery design tailored by Floz graphic designer agency combines wool, leather and Kvadrat® felt.

Carpenter Collection by Olivier Dolle

The Carpenter armchair offers a strong shape with clean lines. It is inspired by the complex geometry of a chalet’s framework. It is fashioned from solid oak.The front feet are shaped on a smaller scale into a "double sprocket” support. The seating is traditionally strapped on furnished Kvadrat® upholstery cushions.

Carpenter Collection by Olivier Dolle

The Grab lamp is an articulated clamp lamp made of solid oak with a hand-crafted steel tightening wheel mechanism. Its lamp shade is of black stained wood and oak veneer. The electrical cord is neatly threaded through the lamp, finished with brass fittings.

If I could afford it, I'd buy it all !

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