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Interior Design Inspiration: Anne Derian

We love the interior design industry! It is full of talented designers and those who excel in their chosen craft. Anne Derian is one of those gifted artisans.

Anne began her career as an Architect in Paris where she gained an appreciation for geometric pattern.

She has dedicated her efforts to creating mosaic art using hand-made Portugese ceramic tiles.

Her work is delivered on net using traditional methods. This enables her to deliver unique designs that are a spectacular interpretation of the featured wall.

The following gallery of her amazing work is why we love her compositions:

This is "Cobalt" presented in subtle blue shades is a reinterpretation of Azulejos Portugese tile work inspired by the ocean spirits. Just beautiful ...

"Gremat" is a modern take on country style tiles presented in a blend of autumn colours.

"Or" is elegant and glamorous in the Art Deco style. The black and grey mat tiles enhanced with 24 carat gold tiles add some bling! The attention to detail and geometric balance of the pattern is astonishing!

"Damaia" is an array of diamonds that create a stunning interior when paired with the pale blue-green wall.

"Quasiperio" comprises sophisticated contemporary tiles to create organised chaos. At first the pattern is random, but on closer appreciation, balance, flow integrate with 3d patterns that appear and fade. The pairing with the simple timber floor and reflective table surface is masterclass !

"Emeralds" resembles the sparkling waters of the ocean. The pattern, rhythm and colour continually attract your eye for more ...

This design is genius............from every angle!!

Anne Derian is an inspiration to me. Her amazing works are artistic compositions.

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