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Make a Design Statement with Interior Doors

Interior Design Style

When we think of interior design, the elements that pop into our mind are generally colour, furnishings, fixtures, floor coverings and window treatments . One important element that is often left until last is door design. Most people choose interior doors that adopt the style of the rest of the house. However it can be more effective to select a door design that makes a statement, by framing an interior space, creating an air of mystery or invoking an emotional response such as comfort or pleasure.

Function first

The interior doors should serve their purpose. Some things worth considering include:

- whether the doors are required to seal off rooms or hallways to break up airflow;

- regulate hot and/or cold airflow and improve comfort;

- privacy; and

- helping to control the way noise travels through the house.

There is no shortage of suitable options. Here are some ideas:

Hinged Doors

The geometric and floral designs of the stained glass paneling creates a great entry statement for this home......

This tall door is an excellent match for the scale of this apartment's interior spaces. A seamless transition is created between the doors and the fixed windows maximising light penetration...........

This richly decorated iron door creates a sense of mystery as the entrance to an outdoor garden..............

These simple metal and glass doors frame the interior of this office with its rich artwork and designer lighting................


Curtains soften an interior. This is a great option in industrial style or concrete homes if privacy is not a huge concern. Selecting thick or sheer fabric depends on the look and function.

Soft and romantic..............

Why not go for something fun? Like these rainbow teardrop beaded curtains.........

Sheer fabric curtains add a softness to a contemporary interior.............

Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors need not look rustic or heavy. With a complementary style and colour, they can blend in with the interior walls and look clean and stylish. They add a unique design element and make a statement an ordinary hinge door just can't do. able to when they are made from a unique material or contrast with the rest of the space.

The use of exquisite barn doors in the bedroom.........................

This paneled barn door is a space saving feature that divides two elegant rooms.....

Sliding Doors

These doors are usually made of wood, glass or are lined with mirrors. They take up a minimal amount of space because the doors slide along the wall rather than swing open.

This sliding door is designed with a difference. Here the design element of line is used. Horizontal lines are created by the exposed pelmet and framing of the glass panes.

Bi-fold shutters are used to control light penetration into this seaside retreat........

This transparent sliding door is elegant simplicity.............

Shoji Screen Doors

These doors originated in Japanese architecture. They were traditionally created by attaching translucent paper to a bamboo frame.
In modern architecture however, these sliding doors are usually created with a wood frame and glass panels that have either been frosted or have paper laminated between two panels of glass.
Shoji screen doors, like sliders, are a great door alternative because they can slide into the wall cavity . This means you save space and their translucency provides privacy.

Shoji screens with their white birch frames create simple but stunning partitions in this Scandanavian interior..............

Cavity Slide or Pocket Doors

Cavity Slide doors are a great alternative to ordinary hinge doors. When they are opened they’re completely concealed by the wall. They stay out of the way. There is no risk of pinched fingers and they provide just as much privacy as hinge door.

The doorway arch frames beautifully crafted polished wood and glass doors.......

Panel Doors

Panel doors are made of wood or MDF. They are designed with a classic pattern of square or rectangular panels. Panel doors are often used because they are:

- hard and strong so they are suitable as exterior doors.

- more elegant and have natural beauty.

- versatile and can be made to any design as architect requirement.

- easily manufactured to any shape.

- able to hold up better in the everyday use.

- difficult to damage.

- typically easy to maintain.

- weather proof as compared to other doors.

- suitable to finish with paint or polish.

- able to provide privacy.

- Hollow core solid panel doors are less expensive, lighter in weight and easy to install.

These doors are simple and elegant. Their length is compatible with the large rooms and tall ceilings. They are solid wood and are great for absorbing noise.

The paneling and colour of this wooden door matches the decor of this interior beautifully .........

The gold decorative embellishments and paneling on these interior wooden doors match the furnishings and decor without being too over the top.........

Pivot Doors

Pivoting doors have become very popular in recent years. They are less obtrusive resulting in a cleaner aesthetic appeal. The main advantage of a pivot door is that it is supported by a pivot on the floor coupled with another pivot at the top of the door. This makes it a great alternative to a standard door, which is hung on a door frame with hinges.

Pivot doors do not even need a frame. This means you don’t have to do anything to the floor. Since the door pivots instead of swinging, it makes the process of opening and closing the door easier.

These large pivoting doors in their modern design offer the additional benefit of providing dual entrances into the adjoining lounge...................

These owners never lose sight of this spectacular landscape outside, thanks to the inclusion of this large glass pivoting door...........

Roller Doors

Roller doors are design and engineering innovation at its best. Simple, durable and a great space saving innovation. When used in the right space, they add a touch of industrial chic.

This roller door is a great option for this minimalist interior. The door does not intrude into the interior enhancing the occupants clear view of the sky through the treetops..........

When opened, these panel lift roller doors provide no obstruction to the view............

French Doors

These doors have a frame around one or more transparent panels designed to maximise light. The panels can vary in style and size and are usually glass or a semi-transparent material. Pair of French doors effectively doulbe the opening width. If you choose french doors they will provide:

- easy access to patios and courtyards perfect for hot summer days.

- they provide increased ventilation and connectivity between interior and exterior.

- provide functional and aesthetic impact.

These french doors are a fantastic way of obtaining access to this solarium..........................

This large metal and glass door is an effective way of facilitating the infiltration of natural light and creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor rooms. The arch design element complements the rectangular forms of the space...

Hidden Doors

These doors are a really fun option! When it is closed it hides a secret! Until you open the door no one else even knows it exists. Hidden doors are typically attached to large artworks or bookshelves but can be found behind other seemingly ordinary things.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are the most effective way of opening up a wall in your home without having to compromise on the amount of open space.

So there you have it. Next time you are building or renovating, think about your doors early in the design process and make them a functional and beautiful element in the design.

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