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Go for Clever Laundry Design Solutions

Interior design of your laundry is just as important as the kitchen and bathroom. There are numerous things to think about. Here are some laundry design issues you should think about if you are renovating or building:

1. Accessibility. Your laundry needs to be easy to get to.

2. Location. Laundries can be noisy so make sure you find space removed from bedrooms or living rooms. Our laundry opens to the back deck so is perfectly sited as an overflow cleaning area for our barbecue.

3. Function. We had input into the design of our current laundry. Our laundry is a separate zone. It includes bench space and drawers for operation of a sewing machine. There are floor to ceiling shelves as overflow linen storage. We have sufficient space for a washer and dryer. We do not need a dryer. The door to the room opens to the outside. Because we have great ventilation we have not had the need for a dryer over the last 15 years. The hanging rod above the laundry bench is perfect for clothes drying in our Queensland climate. Our laundry also includes a tall cupboard for the storage of our vaccum cleaner and brooms, an alcove for a second refrigerator and an ironing storage unit.

4. Size. Allow sufficient space to meet the size of your household. You can never have too much storage!

5. Layout. You need to be able to get around the space without bumping onto things. All equipment should be sited so that they are easy to use. Cupboards and drawers should open and close with minimum bending.

6. Decoration. Laundries do not need to be boring. Dress up the walls with colour. Add some texture by providing benches and cabinetry in alternative materials. Use tiles that create some glamour.

Here are some alternative laundry layouts we love.........

Separate zone. Great option if you have the luxury of space. Create a view to the outside to add some natural light.

In the corridor. This is a neat design solution. Make sure the bench and cabinetry width is adequate to accommodate your washer and dryer. This will retain clean lines

At the back door. Great spot for ventilation! You also have easy access to the outside clothes hoist or drying rack.

In that tight spot. It is amazing what you can include in an awkward spot if you involve the correct design advice. Call us if you require specialist interior design assistance.

In the kitchen. This space solution is popular in Europe. Not so common here. I consider this has merit. You can hide appliances in cabinets. Craig does not agree. The thought of dirty clothes around cooking areas does not appeal to him.

Hidden cupboard. If space is at a premium create a laundry cupboard!

In the bathroom. This is a logical choice. The plumbing is already there. Your bathroom is the hygiene zone where dirty clothes are typically dropped.

Adjacent the kitchen. Be innovative. This laundry doubles as a butler's pantry!

In the mud room. Perfect combo in colder climates. Dirty clothes can be placed directly in the washing machine. Avoids dirt and water being tramped through the rest of the house.

See! There is a solution for all circumstances!

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