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Le Tissu Hotel, Antwerp

There is a great story behind this place! This boutique hotel and design studio is a former priest's house originally attached to the Brialmontlei Abbey.

Hotel Le Tissu

View of the Brialmontlei Abbey from the hotel 

The building was purchased by DMG Architectural Solutions as their interior design studio.  They found that most of the time the building was empty so they decided to turn the place into a boutique hotel. It still functions as a working design studio showcasing fabrics, decor and furniture.

Hotel foyer

The basement was originally the wine cellar.  It has been fully renovated and now includes the kitchen, breakfast room and a meeting room with a view of the back garden.

Basement kitchen and interior samples storage

Breakfast room

Basement materials sample room with view to back garden

The centre piece of the principal's design office is the custom desk.  Lavishly decorated custom cabinetry forms an inspiring backdrop for the space.

Design office

A comfortable lounge occupies the adjoining space. A large pendant drops from a decorative ceiling cornice.  The walls are covered in decorative fabric.


The lounge is the perfect entry to the adjacent meeting room.

Ground floor meeting room

Taking the stairs to the hotel rooms on the floors above you pass groovy decorated nooks and walls adorned in luxurious fabrics.

Custom cabinetry outside first floor rooms

Fabric wall

So what do the hotel rooms look like?  Nothing less than spectacular!

Hotel bedroom


A conservatory has been added to the rear of the building to include an additional design office.

View of rear office and back garden

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