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Decorating Indoors with Plants

There is really no such thing as an indoor plant. Plants are not made to withstand living indoors.

Every era has its trendy house plant. The 50's and 60's were for the African violet. In the 70's it was Golden pathos and English Ivy in glass jars and spider plants hanging from macrame hangers. Potted figs were the rage in the 80's and 90's. In the 2000's mossy plants in glass jars and terrariums were popular. So far this decade has been for the fiddle leaf fig.

When choosing the right plant you need to consider the effect you are trying to create. Then there is pots. However, these are topics for separate discussion. This blog is deals with the plants that have the best track record when placed in the interior environment.

Sub-tropical species are the most suited for interiors in the longer term because they can withstand the humidity and the dappled light. The following plants have been chosen for inclusion in this blog because they can withstand frequent drying out, fluctuating temperatures day and night and low light:

Many orchid flowers are colourful and intricate by design. Orchids add great beauty to an interior. They require ample water but must be allowed to dry out between watering. This amazing arrangement by Orchid Stylist – Patrick Nadeau shows what can be achieved in the hands of a master stylist.

Because of its gorgeous patterned leaves resembling a snake's skin Calatheas are used to bring texture into interiors. Calatheas require more maintenance than their indoor counterparts. They need to be kept moist but not sitting in water. These plants enjoy high humidity but do not place in direct sunlight.

Fiddle Leaf Figs Ficus lyrata enjoy bright positions but not direct sunlight. To maintain their shape and stature (and to ensure it does not out grow its pot!) we suggest you periodically trim the root ball. Regular watering is required. Their large leaves tend to gather dust. So make sure you keep the leaves clean with a damp cloth for best appearance.

The Fruit Salad Plant Monstera deliciosa is commonly cultivated for interior decoration in public buildings and house plants. It’s lush green glossy leaves and form makes it suitable focal point for any room. They look fantastic in hallways, large rooms and anywhere else that can accommodate their size and maintenance.

Bromeliads add a touch of the exotic to interiors. Water by filling their central “cup”. Place the plant in a saucer of gravel to increase humidity. Bromeliads need medium light to keep them healthy.

Bromeliad Society of New South Wales

Maidenhair Ferns Adiantum spp. add soft greenery to indoor spaces. They can be temperamental. Maiden hair ferns enjoy diffused light. Keep them moist. Locate them free from draughts.

Burkes Backyard

Peace Lilly Spathiphyllum soft foliage and scallop shaped flowers creates a beautiful focal point or sculptural element in any room. They can survive in darker spots and only require water when the soil is dry.

Palms are the easiest way to bring the evocative feeling of beach holidays and the relaxed vibe to your outdoor entertaining areas or living rooms. Go for palms that tolerate the indoors and require the least amount of maintenance. They are: Howea forsteriana (Kentia Palm), Chamaedorea (Bamboo Palms) species, and Rhapis species (Lady Palms).

Mother-in-Law's-Tongue Sansevieria trifasciata are easy care plants. They add shape and texture to indoor spaces. They prefer dry air and soil. Make sure not to over water.

Zanzibar gems thrive on neglect. They resemble palm like cycads. Water occasionally. For the best presentation wipe the leaves clean with a damp cloth.

Houstons online indoor plant & pot store - ZZ Plant

Jade Plants Crassala ovata have fleshy stems and foliage that is supposed to bring good luck. They require full sunlight and when planted in a large pot their form resembles a fully grown tree. Position them so they can enjoy full sunlight. They do not enjoy too much water but don't let them dry out. This is a beautiful specimen in a perfectly balanced bathroom.

So next time your at the nursery, think about the indoor landscape !

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