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2017 Interior Design Trends - What's Hot and What's Not!

In 2016 everything Scandinavian was big. As we say farewell to 2016 it is time to welcome some new looks and touches that will refresh your home.

We attended the Melbourne Design and Decor and 100% Design in London last year and after consultation with the design houses in Europe and New York we have predicted the interior design look for 2017!

IN: Recycling.

Sustainable options will be all the rage this year. Re-purposing and innovative reuse of materials will shine.

OUT: Quote Artworks.

IN: Embellishments Inspired by Nature, Desert Chic, Tropical Print and Butterflies!

Galvanized by the fashion runways, accessories and layering plain furniture with some cushions with fabric print and adorning walls in patterned wallpapers in these themes can ensure you meet the 2017 interior trend!

OUT: Reclaimed Wood.

IN: Everything Faux!

We are not only talking rugs, but all things faux, is a budget friendly alternative. We are talking faux wood, engineered stone, manufactured grey floors, faux leather counters and faux foliage!

OUT: Pineapples.

IN: Texture,texture, texture!

Pleats, folds and luxe fabrics are hot! So are nail head details on upholstered furniture.

Nicky Haslam Interior Designer, Ireland

OUT: Blonde Wood.

IN: Furniture in Darker Wood Grains.

Hold on to those traditional furniture pieces. Darker, warmer furniture tones are back in 2017. These are striking when matched with rich upholstery. Create focal points and accent pieces with your old favourites!

OUT: Sombre Grains.

IN: Cork.

Cork is making a comeback. Hard wearing and excellent for absorbing noise, cork is an ideal alternative wall material for restaurants or offices.

OUT: Chevron.

IN: Hand Dyed Fabrics.

Simple, subtle and unique designs are replacing the rigid geometric designs of last year.

OUT: Subway Tiles.

IN: Terracotta.

I am not saying we all should go back to the 1980's or necessarily all start adopting the rustic style. There is an opportunity to add warmth to contemporary interiors. Designs that simulate fabrics are favoured over rigid geometric patterns using hexagonals and octagonals.

IN: and staying In !

Grey was dominant in 2016. It is likely to remain in. Grey is versatile and great when paired with bold accents.

OUT: Pale Pink.

IN: Jewel Tones.

Pastels have had their day. Add some sparkle! Arrival..... jewel tones inspired by metals, the night sky and cut stones.

IN: Raw White with Texture.

Layer up with pure white homewares in different shapes and materials to create glamour and texture!

IN: Shades of the Forest.

From lime green to emerald. Greens work well from wall colour to rugs. Make sure not to overdose.

OUT: Macrame and Do it Yourself.

IN: Artisan.

Hand blown glass, porcelain and skilfully crafted timber pieces are on the rise!

OUT: All White Kitchens.

IN: Seamless Cabinets.

Simple clean lines is definitely the go for 2017.

Lagu bathroom by Scavalini is available at

OUT: Copper and Brass Overload!

IN: Muted Metals: Bronze.

This is the new metal for 2017. The good thing about bronze is it plays well with other colours but is a bit more on the neutral side. Depending upon the look you are trying to achieve bronze can add class to a bedroom or industrial chic to an urban apartment.

IN: Upholstered Bedheads.

The upholstered bedhead has been in luxury accommodation for a while. The trend of the simple upholstered bed head will become firmly entrenched in 2017.

OUT: The Edison light bulb.

IN: Space Age Lighting.

Industrial style, geometric shapes and nature inspired designs are set to light your life in 2017.

ALWAYS IN: Individualism and Authentic Style.

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