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Captivating Shopfronts of Europe

It is great fun to wander through the exclusive shops lining the alleys not too far from the buzzing opera and theatre district and London's Covent Garden.

Designed in the mock tudor style Liberty is one of a number of designer shops found in Regent and Sloane Streets. The shop is engineered around three light wells. Each of the wells is surrounded by smaller rooms. Many of the fireplaces were installed to create a warm atmosphere and feeling of being in your own home.

Zaragoza was our first real taste of Spanish cuisine. This city is famous for its gastronomy and folklore. So many great tapas bars! Just like this one decorated with crockery and fantastic pendant lighting.

This open air cafe is located in the Tarragona medieval Old Town. This port city is located in the north-eastern Spain's Catalonia region. As you wander the streets of the Old Town you come across many ancient ruins that are a reminder of the the city's time as the Roman colony of Tarraco.

We found this tapas bar in the heart of the Old Town of Bilbau.

The food and wine was awesome. Next day we walked past and

could not help but chuckle at the sign above the door.

Pamplona is best known for the running of the bulls through its medieval streets. But when the action quietens you will notice the beautiful shop fronts!

What about this cafe........

or this chocolate shop?

The resort town of San Sebastian located in Spain's Basque country is

known for its picturesque bay front promenade and fine dining. The main square in the Old Town is brimming with life. The balconies on the coloured buildings that line the square display numbers dating back to the time when it was used as a bullring.

The quaint villages of Torla and Ainsa provides access to the mountainous passes of the Pyrenees that cross into France. The well preserved architecture dates back to the middle ages.

Can't wait for our next trip !

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