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Fiona's passion for designer spaces

I have always had an interest in spaces and the way they make you feel. Whether they are formal/ informal/ interior or exterior. They all invoke emotion.

Palace of Versailles

I studied Ancient History in high school. My ambition when I left school was to visit the Whitsundays and travel to Europe to visit some of the sites I studied at school.

This is where I attribute the desire to travel to my parents, who met while working oversees in Britain.

They married and with the assistance of their ‘crazy’ friends decided to drive from England to Australia in a Bedford van. The six of them managed to get as far as India. That is not a bad travel effort even these days!!!

So I took on a part time job while studying town planning at University and saved my pennies. I managed to get myself to Europe for my first big trip. Fabulous!

Milan Duomo

When I returned from Europe I managed to secure my first job involved in the shaping of development for the Whitsundays! Fantastic!!!

Brampton Island

I have been fortunate that my career has enabled me to continue to travel within regional Queensland, Australia and overseas.

Now I am following my true passion ………. shaping interiors! What I love about Australia is the climate and the opportunity to create spaces that provide a seamless lifestyle between indoors and outdoors.

Tree House

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