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Up, out or under? Here are 10 things you should consider when renovating houses……

1. Do your research

Real estate agents know the area and can be a great source of information about prices and what appeals to prospective purchasers in the area.

2. Find your interior style

There is nothing worse than a mixture of interior styles. Tear out your favourite images from magazines. Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration.

3. It’s not about you

Keep interiors simple and neutral. You are not living there in the longer term. Purchasers like to add some of their own personal touches.

4. Have a Handle on Your Budget

Make sure you put effort into your interior design. Learn to compromise. Sometimes you have to adjust your expectations.

5.Know Your Limits

You have 'rocks in your head' if you think you can attempt plumbing, electricals or some building work yourself because you think you will save money! Get the tradies in…..

6. Call on the Professionals

Depending upon the nature and scope of the works you may need to engage professional specialist services.

Subdividing the property, extending building height or encroaching on setbacks to property boundaries are just a few examples of circumstances when you will benefit from input by a town planner. We recommend engaging a town planner early in the building design process. They can provide professional input into the design to avoid triggering a town planning approval or assist you in negotiating the approvals process with Council.

Removal of some walls may impact the structure. In that circumstance you will need a structural engineer.

If you are embarking on a large renovation or extension it may be worth involving an architect. They are specifically trained and licensed to work on the planning, design and project management of building projects.

You also have the option of engaging a building designer. They also design houses. Their skills vary. Some building companies offer in-house building design services as part of the construction process.

There is a difference between an architect and building designer. To call yourself an architect you need to be qualified and be registered with a state-based architecture board.

What about engaging an interior designer or interior decorator? Interior design is the art and science of understanding the client's behaviours, to create functional spaces.

Interior decorators and stylists finish and adorn spaces with furnishings. It is also important to understand interior designers can decorate but interior decorators cannot design.

Prior to engaging any of these services make sure you.......Check out their work .......their process ..............their online reviews.

7. Preserve Your Relationships with Trades

The situation can go pear shaped if you are not firm about your requirements. Good communication is key to maintaining good working relationships with builders and tradesmen.

8. Be realistic about the time frame

If you are working full time and you are intending on project managing the trades and all the coordination that goes with a major renovation, think again! Great outcomes take time to plan and time to implement.

9. Add space

Consider opening up a kitchen, adding an outdoor room or create larger window and door openings. These design measures will add value to your property.

10. Focus your attention

Improvements to kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas are easy to draw buyer interest when it comes time to sell.

Stay focused, be patient and good luck !

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