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Designer Shelving

Shelving in interior design should not only be practical, but an architectural feature that creates an aesthetic impact. With modern materials and manufacturing techniques, the only limit is the designers imagination!

"Polygon" is beautiful clean lined shelving designed by Luka Stepan. This piece is carved from high quality white oak veneered plywood and includes powder coated book ends.

Ron Arad is one of the most influencial designers of our time. Experimentation with materials and finishes has led to the creation of unique furniture. The "Bookworm" shelving system is Arad's most commercially successful pieces.

Arad created "Popworm" by fashioning metal in a spiral form and making it available in striking colours including blue, fuchsia, turquoise, yellow and black.

This is story telling translated into function. "SToRYLiNeS" is inspired by the sinc waves of the sound of the word "bliss" and silhouette of skyscrapers.

"Branch" is bespoke shelving created by the talented craftsman Olivier Dolle. This solid aerial bookshelf's structure is a tree branch on which books alight as birds.

The hollow multiplex birch wood structure is composed of 80 pieces of veneered oak.

I want one !

Bashko Trybek's product design is simple in form and colour. The serpent shelving system uses four vivid zigzag wires to support its wooden planks. Each piece stands alone. The structure is adjustable allowing users to decide on the length, height and space between shelves. The visual strength of the shelving is in its simplicity combining basic form in an unexpected way.

Designed by Luca Longu for Formabilio this console table comes with adjustable sliding shelves. It is easy to assemble. The solid spruce compartments have notches that let you orient them up or down.

Shelving by Alphaville Design is cool confidence through clean lines and contemporary sophistication. Balance and proportion are applied with high quality craftsmanship to fashion an appealing storage solution.

The " Upside Down" bookcase by Adrien De Melo is a landscape of suspended books, like a music score. The shelving system is comprised of translucent inflatable modules suspended in columns. The library is supported by stainless framework detailing each of the box shelves. The storage cubes are suspended by lifting straps, remaining in place by the strategic placement of pins.

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