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100% Design Trade Show London

So we are in London! Big Ben in all its glory. Fabulous!!!

This year’s 100% design was set against the backdrop of London’s Olympia’s Victorian architecture. Dating back to 1886 the building was built with the aim of being London’s largest covered show centre.

So what are the interior trends for 2016?

Bespoke Furniture

Hand crafted bespoke pieces fashioned by Mathers and Hirst are contemporary in style, favouring clean lines and unadorned surfaces to create pieces that are bold yet understated.

Byron & Gomez uncut pieces………..

Thomas Whittingham Furniture is inspired by the flowing shapes of the British countryside…………..

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture in durable fabrics in eye catching and groovy colours that grab attention!

Lina Furniture’s “The Moon” element is composed of two separate parts that fit together tightly forming a block. When we want to stretch our legs, Moon can be transformed into an easy-chair simply by shifting the upper part in the position of a backrest. Two or more Moon elements can be placed together and form different compositions, such as sofa, a combination of a table with one or more sitting elements, or a combination of four functioning as a bed!

Office Furniture

Cube Spaces is a manufacturer of soft seating for modern office and education environments that is designed to transform work spaces. Here is a sample of their innovative modular seating that offers the freedom to create an array of diverse environments within the modern workspace.

Unique Fabric Design

We were fortunate to meet the talented designer Emma Shipley. Emma is a graphic artist specialising in fine drawing, luxury scarves and womenswear taking inspiration from patterns in nature. Recently Emma was awarded Emerging Fashion Brand prize at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards and the RISE Newcomer Award at the UK Fashion & Textile Awards presented by HRH Princess Anne.

Products and Materials

Karak is an Austrian tile manufacturer who combines tradition and modernity in handmade clay products. Their exclusive tiles are given a unique surface with Japanese Raku firing technology and digital graphics.

Designer Lighting

Inspired by the bird of paradise flower, the Pistyle lighting collection brings freshness and playfulness to the office. The collection’s lively colours and “yo-yo”-like base belie lighting is sophisticated enough for the office. Pistyle has three axes of rotation, which allows it to offer optimal lighting for the work environment. The light’s intensity also adapts on its own thanks to a tactile variator arranged on the base that allows for ease of use. The result is a light that very much moves like a plant in nature—with intense life and vibrancy.

“ Nuage ” is a stylishly designed and cleverly made lighting system. Its simplicity and pure lines, takes its inspiration from the prow of a ship. The triangular shade produces a unique light, cutting through space as a boat does through the sea. Elegant lines, enhanced by the textile cord, make Nuage suitable for residential and commercial spaces. Design can be customized to create unique projects.

‘‘Eau de lumière ’’ takes its story from the world of luxury perfume. From the sculptural point of view, it was to symbolize the iconic shape of the perfume bottle to extract an essence and delicacy, playing on full volume and hairlines on which reflect light. The design work is focused on the masculine and feminine forms, with curves or angles, in different sizes, to match them together using noble materials such as wood, marble and fabrics to make a complete and rich collection. The shapes, materials and colours, creates a homogeneous but varied spirit with a strong personality.

Kitchen Design

Italian designer Arredo 3 creates contemporary kitchens with innovative combinations of materials and finishes. The key design element is simplicity where aesthetics coincide with practical everyday use.

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