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Design Principles : Pattern

How it works.

Pattern is the design element that works in interior design to add life and interest to the furnishings and décor. Pattern works in conjunction with colour and like texture to provide interest to surfaces and finishes. Patterns are commonly created by adding repetitive designs in fabrics, rugs, pint techniques and wallpaper. These red gowns look striking against the backdrop of paper flowers.

Shop window Melbourne

Why is it important ?

Often pattern is used in interiors to create the illusion of texture. Pattern transforms the ordinary space into the spectacular. Pattern adds visual interest to plain textures that might otherwise be boring. Amazing effects can result from simple materials with modern processing techniques.

Laser cut MDF ceiling panels add mood.

Amazing pattern and texture on these pendants.

What is big in 2016?

This is the year for experimenting with pattern. There will be an increase in eclectic interiors that will make bolder statements with pattern. There will be a move towards mix of paisleys, geometrics, florals and stripes. All incorporated under one scheme.

The use of pattern will be prevalent on cushions, rugs, an accent chair and offset against plain colour walls. There has been move towards the use of geometric and quilt (3D) patterns in floor tiles across range of mediums including ceramics, cement, vinyls.

From wall textures .....

......... to styling elements, think pattern .....

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